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Home Test Sample Collection form reputed PathLab like Popular and Ibn-Sina etc.

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About Us

QuickMed, is a telemedicine platform, which offers online video consultation between patients and doctors drugs, diagnostics and e consultation in all over the world. We began our journey in 2019 to provide reasonable healthcare facilities in remote areas where healthcare facilities are insufficient at this time. QuickMed offers E Patient Medical Record as well as real-time telemedicine program modules with special auto-recognition and setup design that empowers plug-n-play for a wide assortment of medical devices from diverse manufacturers. As a patient is evaluated, all test information is made accessible in real-time to authorized healthcare providers found anyplace within Bangladesh, and simultaneously and consequently stored within the patient’s electronic restorative record, which moreover contains the physician’s diagnosis and other medical and statistic data.
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Core Features

Video Consultation

Online Video consultation between
doctors and patients.

Electronic Medical Record

Liife time secure cloud strage of your medical records.

Online Payment

Pay your doctor with your convenient
payment method.


Create smart computerised prescription
in a minute.

Online Appointment

Online appointment with doctor in your fingertip.

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User friendly mobile App
for Android and iOS.

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Why QuickMed?

Better health care with affordable cost is the main
focus of our Platform.

Specialist Doctor

Our most of the doctors are more than 10 years experienced and excellent in their field.

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Consult with the best specialist doctor from anywhere in Bangladesh.

Privacy & Security

Your medical data is private and 100% secure with QuickMed.


HIPPA compliant telemedicine service at affordable cost.

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